We, three of the “Stockhausen Masters”: Chloë Abbott (trumpets), Davide Baldo (flutes), and Daniele Zamboni (clarinets), founded Kaolin. We are an ensemble based primarily in The Netherlands, focusing solely on new and contemporary music. Performing as soloists in Aus LICHT, in June 2019, had an incredible impact on all of us, most notably influencing our mutual love for the music of Stockhausen. Initially we were brought together by three core pieces orchestrated for this curious collection of instruments, two by Stockhausen and one by Aperghis. Despite our roots, it gives us a huge amount of pleasure having the opportunity to commission new music, collaborate with composers and take the culmination of our endeavours to unique venues across Europe.

Chloë Abbott
Davide Baldo
Daniele Zamboni
Kaolin Ensemble
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